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Great Lakes SynBio Association

Empowering a unique region with an exciting new field and building community from classroom to workforce.

If you are in the great lakes and want to get involved, please contact us!


Who We Are

Synthetic Biology holds tremendous promise to revolutionize a wide variety of industries and solve a myriad of problems. One of the strengths of this field is how it can address unique regional problems.

We are an organization dedicated to promoting synthetic biology in the Great Lakes region - an area of the US with a unique ecosystem, economy, and demographics. We seek to build community and connect students, teachers, and industry leaders together, providing them with resources to aid workforce development and accelerate the growth of the bioeconomy

Meet the Team

Directors of Great Lakes SynBio



Dr. Eric Petersen

Eric is an assistant professor of neuroscience at Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine. He participates in community outreach events aimed at promoting STEM education and careers.

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Co-Founder, Treasurer

Dr. Devin Camenares

Devin is currently at the University of Dayton Research Institute and has taught synthetic biology at the college level and served as an iGEM team mentor, a judge, and a global committee member.

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Co-Founder, Secretary

Sakti Subramanian

Sakti is a high school student who serves as the project head of SynBio 101 at iGEM, and has been involved with iGEM and synthetic biology in the Chicago area.

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MacKenzie Harwood

Mackenzie is the North American ambassador for iGEM and served as a student leader on the Alma College team.

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Our Programs

Making a Difference

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Empowering Educators

Connecting teachers with existing programs and resources. Providing mentorship to help teachers build confidence in synthetic biology

Building Community

Providing a hub for teachers, students, and others to connect to share best practices and foster new collaborations

Original Programming

Complementing existing educational programming with the Great Lakes league and similar events

Featured News

All the Latest from GLSB. Also, check out our blog feed below


Issues in Science and Technology Article

We are excited to announce the publication of our piece, A Great Bioeconomy for the Great Lakes, in Issues in Science and Technology. 

Experiment Foundation Grant

We are proud to announce that our initial development is being supported by a grant from Please join others in supporting us - either by donating, spreading the word, or through getting involved directly. We also welcome letters of collaboration for additional grant applications. Learn more about it here:


Contact Us

College of Medicine, #2427

1280 E Campus Dr

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

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