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Hello Great Lakes!

Classically, the first program written by most budding software engineers prints out "Hello World!" Here, our first post is a Hello! to the budding synthetic biologists in the Great Lakes.

We are excited for you to join us in accelerating the development of a bioeconomy in the Great Lakes region. This area of the US has a unique ecosystem and a distinct economy and demographic, and a host of different challenges for which synthetic biology holds the potential solutions. It also has as dearth of community for synthetic biology when compared to hot beds such as Boston or San Francisco. Help us address this problem and connect with other educators to develop the work force for this emerging sector of the economy.

One way you can support us is through donations, and another is by attending our events - there is one in Alma, Michigan coming up on September 9th and another in Chicago later in the year. Contact us at to register and find ways to get involved or collaborate with us.

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